We design, produce and install high quality modular houses from space elements.

Modular house is a suitable option for single family dwellings, apartment buildings as well as commercial and communal premises.
Up to 99% of the production of Hilandero modules takes place in a controlled environment. Installation of the modules takes place on site, whether on prepared soil or on a strip foundation. This construction method is environmentally friendly as well as favourable, quick and convenient for the contractor.

High quality architectural solutions are provided by experienced architects from architectural and consulting
engineering company Novarc.

Modular houses from space elements (production of 1-6 floor buildings and installation). 

     Modular houses (with finished interior) are erected on wood framing according to drawings prepared by us or the client. The modules are prepared in a factory and transported to the site. The strip foundation is prepared on site. The modules are connected to it, the roof is installed, the facade is finished, and terraces and balconies are added. On-site construction time ranges from 4 to 8 weeks. A one to six storey house can be built in this manner using wood framing. A high-rise building can be constructed using a concrete or metal frame structure.

Modular houses from space elements with foundation attached (production of 1-2 floor buildings and installation).

      In this case, the modules are made on a concrete foundation using wood framing. The installation site requires the precise preparation of a gravel bed and the running of utility lines to an approximately 1 m2 area. The houses with their foundations are lifted into place, the modules are connected, the roof is installed, the facade is finished, and terraces and balconies are added.   
     On-site construction time ranges from 1 to 3 weeks.
     As a rule, one to two storey buildings are constructed in this manner.

We are located at Keila, which is near Paldiski, the port of origin for the modules. This allows us to transport products quickly and conveniently.  At Tööstuse 15, we have at our disposal an asphalt paved territory of 200,000 m², the area of production premises is 2,500 m².